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What is Customimplants®
 Customimplants® is a technology company that uses DMLS additive manufacturing to create surgical implants in Titanium Ti64 and 3D printing to produce biomodels, surgical guides and orthoses in Biocompatible Polymers PA2200, fully adapted to the needs of each patient.  
Our SHAPE® platform allows the surgeon to define the most suitable implant according to the patient's pathology. The work is performed in collaboration with our engineers, based on a DICOM file and on the corresponding medical prescription. Biomodels and surgical guides can also be designed and manufactured, which contribute to reduce surgery times and, consequently, the patient's recovery. 



We manufacture your customized implant
 At Customimplants® we believe that there is a new way of understanding Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery through a global approach to the pathology. Our goal is to offer customized solutions that add value to the treatment of each patient.
Our platform allows the development and delivery of the selected product in a minimum period of time after validation by the clinician.
All our products are manufactured from aDICOMfile and medical prescriptions, according to design and functionality parameters and strictly complying with health and quality controls.
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The Ti64 osteosynthesis solutions developed by CUSTOMIMPLANTS® enhance the adaptation of biomechanical principles according to the specific needs of each patient.

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3D Biomodels


Our biomodels allow a pre-surgery approach from a global and scalable vision.

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Surgical guides

Surgical guides

We develop personalized solutions which allow a more accurate surgery approach and less surgery time, minimizing the risk for the patient and improving post-surgery time.

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CUSTOMIMPLANTS orthosis and fixations facilitate neuromusculoskeletical recovery enabling the patient have a better quality life.

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Implant finishing options 
All our implants are manufactured by DMLS metal in Titanium T64 and two possible finishing are available: 
GLOSS FINISHING: A process of manual refinishing with rubber is performed to improve the esthetic finish of the implant. 
OPAQUE FINISH: The implant is sand blasted, which allows to eliminate the mirror finish of the piece.
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Benefits for the patient

Waiting time

greater availability in a short period of time contribute to reducing pre-surgical hospital waiting time and the risk of contracting nosocomial infections. 

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

The rapid surgery allows an earlier start of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, which is important mostly in the elderly patients. 

Hospital stay

Shorter time from admission to discharge means better quality of life for the patient. 


The customization and adaptation of osteosynthesis and prosthesis plates reduces the risk of re-operation. 


Para una inmovilización de la zona afectada tras la cirugía,

Customimplants® diseña y fabrica órtesis a la medida de cada paciente .

Benefits for the physician


Each piece is adapted to the practitioner's requirements. It is not necessary to model or adapt the piece during surgery, minimizing both the risks of inadequate tension and mobility. 

Surgical approach

It favors the approach in surgical fields of smaller size. 

Reduction of:

Surgery time when using customized parts.
The mobilization time to start rehabilitation. 
The risk of nosocomial infections. Failure rate.
The patient's stay in hospital.  

Decrease in:

Time and costs since the parts are previously sterilized. 

Stocks. Each part is unique so there is no need for a stock, thus avoiding lack of supplies.

Customimplants® Ordering Platform

Customimplants® Ordering Platform Customimplants® engineering team collaborates with the physician in the design of the implant. Our  Shape Platform  permite solicitar implantes a medida de una forma sencilla y segura. El soporte de nuestro equipo de ingeniería facilita los trámites al doctor, que podrá dedicar así más tiempo a su paciente.
Our online platform is protected with the latest online security protocols and anonymizes patient data when uploading the medical image. This ensures the privacy of patient information and provides greater security within the framework of the quality system and medical device according to UNE- EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 13485:2016, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, as well as the organic law 3/2018 of December 5th on the protection of personal data and guarantee of digital right

How it works:



Once registered, a Customimplants® technician will link your account to the right distributor and the option to place orders will be enabled. 

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Select the patient's DICOM  file, specify the body area for which the implant will be designed, the type of implant and if you need surgical guides or biomodels for a better surgical approach and also the implant prescription. Our engineers will use this information to design the implant that best suits the patient's requirements and upload it to the platform for validation. See vídeo...

La plataforma CI-Shape 4D® te avisará cuando un implante está listo para su validación

Check the implant design. Make sure it meets all needed requirements. Then, validate the design.
Within the following 72 hours after validation, your product will be delivered at your facilities.  In case the design is not correct, reject it and indicate the modifications to be made. Our technicians will follow your comments to make a new design.

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More information about the use of the platform: USER MANUAL (Version 1.0)

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